How to turn an old piece of furniture into a bathroom vanity?

  • Purchase a secondhand dresser or another piece of furniture.
  • Give the top a protective waterproof top coat.
  • Cut the holes in the back for the plumbing.
  • Cut the holes for the sink and faucet and install them.
  • Retrofit any drawers to accommodate the plumbing.

How do you make a bathroom vanity with a dresser?

  • Purchase the sink first, fit to the dresser top measurements.
  • Trace the sink hole.
  • Cut along the lines.
  • Lay the sink in the opening and breath a sigh of relief when the sink fits in the hole.
  • Finish the dresser top.
  • Coat & protect the dresser top.
  • Attach the sink to top.

What can I use instead of a bathroom vanity?

If storage is vital to you, consider using a piece of furniture that has plenty of drawers and/or cupboards for all your toiletries. The owners of this bathroom have used a wooden dresser, complete with tiny drawers on top and cupboards below, as their vanity unit.

Can any cabinet be used as a vanity?

Kitchen cabinets and bathroom sink cabinets are not mutually exclusive, and can cross over if done correctly. Simply choose a kitchen cabinet then put a vanity tops on it to transform it into a bathroom vanity cabinet.

Can you make any cabinet a vanity?

Turns out, crafting your own vanity out of a storage cabinet, console or even a dresser is surprisingly easy and a great way to go to get the look you’re after at a price point you can afford.

Is it cheaper to buy or build a vanity?

Typically a custom vanity costs about twice as much as a prefab vanity because there are more subcontractors involved in making and putting the vanity together. Plus, you need to purchase materials separately from various vendors (vanity base, counter top, sink, & hardware).

How do you convert a buffet to a bathroom vanity?

  • Pick the Right Piece. First, you’ll need to acquire the right materials for the job.
  • Clean It Thoroughly.
  • Adjust the Drawers.
  • Pick a Spot for the Sink.
  • Dry Fit All the Pieces.
  • Lay Down Tile.
  • Finish the Installation Process.

How do you convert old furniture?

  • # Strip Old Painted Finishes.
  • # Clean Stain from Your Chairs, Dresser or Tables.
  • # Add a Fresh Coat of Spray Paint.
  • # Re-Cover Dining Chairs with a New Cushion.
  • # Refinishing Furniture.
  • # Go For Milk Paint.

What is the best material to use for a bathroom vanity?

Which is the best countertop material for my bathroom vanity? Fortunately, most countertop surfaces work well in the demanding environment of a regularly used bathroom. For bathroom vanities, some of the top choices for countertops include acrylic, granite, marble, and quartz.

How do you build a vanity with drawers?

Which is the best countertop material for my bathroom vanity? Fortunately, most countertop surfaces work well in the demanding environment of a regularly used bathroom. For bathroom vanities, some of the top choices for countertops include acrylic, granite, marble, and quartz.

Is it OK to put a dresser in a bathroom?

As one of the more utilitarian rooms in the home, the bathroom often has a sterile or generic look. Use a dresser to replace the boring cabinetry or shelving with a unique piece that adds character. You can use any type of dresser, modern or vintage, to match the style of your bathroom and to show your personal flair.

How can I convert my bathroom cheaply?

  • Revitalize Your Claw-Foot Tub. Sometimes an old tub simply needs a boost.
  • Have Fun With Wallpaper. Photo by Ken Gutmaker.
  • Use Faux Candles.
  • Try a New Towel Rack.
  • Add a Tub Surround.
  • Create a Place for Two.
  • Save By Not Building In.
  • Add a Subway Wall.

How can I make my bathroom look expensive on a budget?

  • Major Wallpaper. Cover your walls in a statement graphic to distract from outdated fixtures or poor natural lighting.
  • Use Trays.
  • Hang a Chandelier.
  • Add a Chair.
  • Display Your Towels.
  • Have a Laugh.
  • White Marble to the Max.

How do you turn a cabinet into a sink vanity?

  • Remove Drawer & Unscrew Top of Dresser.
  • Reinforce Vanity Frame With Screws.
  • Remove Back of Bathroom Vanity.
  • Secure Sub-Top & Screw in Place.
  • Reattach Back of Vanity & Cut Holes for Pipes.
  • Attach Countertop to Bathroom Vanity With Adhesive.

What are the two types of vanity?

What is the difference between a vanity and cabinet?

Cabinets. What is the difference between a bathroom cabinet and a bathroom vanity? A bathroom vanity is a structure designed for a sink to be placed on top, with built-in storage, where a bathroom cabinet is a storage structure without a sink mounted on the top.

What can I use for bathroom cabinets?

The most popular options for bathroom cabinets are acrylic enamel paint and alkyd paint. Acrylic, or water-based, paints are low-fume and clean up easily with water.

Is it cheaper to build your own cabinets or buy them?

While building your own cabinets saves about 66%, the cost of tools and time eats into this significantly for someone who is not an experienced woodworker.



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